Creating a Highly Enged Email List

And 3 Core Features to Focus On

Tina Lopez
4 min readMar 13, 2023
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You know what absolutely sucks?

Having an email list with subscribers that don’t:

  • Engage with your emails
  • Purchase any of your products or services
  • Even open them to begin with

Unfortunately, majority of small business owners find themselves in this situation.

You’re left with either two choices:

  • Unsubscribe the inactive subscribers but your “list building efforts” have gone to waste
  • Try to “re-engage them” but you do not know where to get started

Or there’s a third option:

Read this article and implement the 3 core features and tactics to engage your email list.

I’m loving the third option (I’m biased haha).

You in?

Increasing Email Engagement with These 3 Core Features

There’s a world of email marketing that people like yourself are not leveraging.

Let’s think about what drives engagement in the first place:

  1. Hook



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