How to Build an Automated Newsletter — Step by Step Guide

No Extra Content Required, Automated Scheduling, Automated Promotion

Tina Lopez


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Everyone wants to start a newsletter.

But do you know what stops 80% of creators from getting their newsletter off the ground running?


“Write every day,”

“Publish every week,”

“Wake up at 5am every day and write,”

It’s no wonder most creators are burned out and busy.

But what if you could just sit down for one day and write one month’s worth of newsletter content without needing to publish week?

What if you could finally establish a publishing schedule that your audience can count on?

Lucky you, you’ve reached the corner of the internet where we’ll teach you how to automate your newsletter production.

You’ll regret not having read this sooner.

It’s Time To Approach The Newsletter Process Differently

Like you, I fell for the shiny object syndrome of wanting to start a newsletter, but I couldn’t help but feel burdened with more tasks like:

  • Creating more content
  • Paying for fancy software I’ll never use
  • Sitting down and scheduling the damn thing

So I said: “To hell with it.”

If we’re going to create a newsletter, we’re going to do it differently:

  • Automate weekly newsletter publishing
  • Leverage & repurpose blog content as newsletter content
  • Use the newsletter channel as an additional “affiliate promotion” channel

Let’s break down how I went about doing that.

The Automated Newsletter Structure