Revolutionize your Online Presence: Doubling Content Production through Automated LinkedIn and Medium Posts

Unlocking Automation: Doubling Content Production for LinkedIn and Medium

Tina Lopez


1/ 🚀Are you an entrepreneur looking to scale content production and monetize your efforts on LinkedIn and Medium? This is the thread for you.

2/ Setting big goals for 2023? Doubling your content creation on both LinkedIn and Medium can help increase your presence, audience, and income. But how do you manage these tasks efficiently?

3/ You don’t need to run separate content production lines for LinkedIn and Medium. The secret? Content repurposing! Convert your LinkedIn posts into Medium articles and automate this process.

4/ How does this work? Using a simple automation, whenever a LinkedIn post goes live, it automatically posts to Medium. All you need is an Airtable base that stores your LinkedIn posts.

5/ For context, you can schedule your Medium articles and repurpose that content into a LinkedIn post. A little automation can go a long way in scaling content creation.

6/ Once the Medium article goes live, the same automation waits for 24 hours and then posts the LinkedIn content. Another automation later repurposes…