The Simple Process I Use to Turn Free Traffic (No Ads or Social Media) to Email Subscribers

I Cracked Ad Free & Social Media Free Traffic

Tina Lopez
2 min readJun 16, 2024
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My account got suspended (by accident), Not once, But twice.

The irony on the cake was that both occurrences happened in May.

However, my reactions to each situation were wildly different.

The first time it happened: terror. My creator business can be gone with the ‘click of a button’

Second time it happened: Eh, I’ll be fine, I can come back from this.

Here’s the difference: Since the first occurrence, I’ve transitioned my rented followers to now my owned audience.

The best owned audience? Your email list.

I’ve also transitioned my revenue streams to my email list.

I can credit more:

  • course sales
  • affiliate sales
  • newsletter refferals

To my email list more than social media.

And the simplest way I’ve turned free traffic (without social media or ads) to my owned audience: Collaborations.

Collaborations are a timeless strategy that allows you to get in front of other…



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